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I have tried to take down this complaint on pissed consumer and pissed consumer will not allow anyone to delete complaints. I don\'t know what to do, there is no sort of way to \"edit\" or take this complaint down...

The resolution with \"Dreamscape\" has been solved within the first \"week\" of having the dog. I utmost apoligize for the things I had said on this site conserning Dreamscape Kennels, because I felt I was Just \"Fustrated\" and should not have written this article out of my own \"fustration\" .

This was my first dog, and I did not have \"any\" experience.

The dog was fostered/adopted by my own family members, whom I gave the dog \"freely\" to, where I know he will be \"well\" taken care of. They are doing an excellent job with Angel, and I am happy that Angel is happy where he is.

Original review posted by user Dec 15, 2011

I bought a doberman puppy 3-4months old, he was supposed to be crate trained, started house breaking, bred for temperament and intelligence and not "cheap" i paid $1,500 for him, thinking that I was getting the best. I chose from three pictures that the owner "Tessa" sent to me. I chose the rust colored doberman... But When he arrived, I noticed that he was black and rust, not the one I chose. He also like his crate at all; in fact he was knocking the crate over the entire time I drove him home, and biting the bars, barking and crying. I figured that it was because he was couped out in it for too many hours, so I dismissed it.

When I got him home, I fed him, gave him water and tried to get some energy out by walking him. He potty on my floors, and that was "fine" because I knew he had been through some stress, I got him outside where he kept tripping me over, and jumping over me all the time. I also noticed how terrible the ear crops looked.

After exercising him, I took him back in, he started jumping on me so much and just "would not stop". Jumping on me, jumping on my son, and it "HURT" he had long nails that was digging into my arms, legs, back. I tried to push him down and say "no" over and over and over again, but he didn't seem to be able to understand. I tapped him in the tummy with my foot and kept saying "No" and he just kept doing it. I turned my back to walk away and he began doing it to my back, digging his nails into my back. I don't think I would have minded so much if he was just "excited" but it seemed that he was "OVER HYPER", he didn't seem to be very intelligent at all. I understand that dogs need some training, but please take my word for this when I say... I never seen a dog act "THIS" HYPER in all my LIFE.

There was something that was CLEARLY wrong.

Then he began the chewing on my feet and my hands and even my "hair". I gave him a bunch of chew toys and he was "NOT" interested in toys at all!! Only my hands and feet!!! It didn't break skin, but it kinda "HURT".

When it was time for me and my son to go to sleep I placed some treats into the crate, after I thoroughly washed the crate out to make sure it was clean, and placed blankets in the crate. He would not go in, not (even) for the treat. IN FACT, I kept thinking, how strange it was that he could not "figure" out how to get the Treat Out. He seemed even "SLOW". I didn't know what to do, because I needed sleep. So I placed him in my room with us. I tried to go to sleep and he kept jumping all over me while I was trying to sleep, & barking at me very loud. Even though I placed toys, and blankets. Finally I couldn't take it any more, and I thought to get him into the crate, so I tried to lure him into the crate. He still didn't want to go in. I finally picked him up and put him in, and he knocked over the crate, barking soooo loud, howling, biting the crate bars, and acting aggressive!!! I had to let him out again. This is all in "DAY ONE".

I contacted the breeder the FIRST NIGHT!!! She said take him for a long walk, the next day I did what she said, He was tripping me the entire way by jumping all over me, running in front of me just about (EVERY STEP) I took, another NIGHTMARE!!! Scratching me. He wasn't interested in the "WALK" only jumping on ME!! The only reason whey we got to walk so far, is because I was walking very fast so he could not JUMP on me, and he did it ANYWAYS. Finally after running around my legs and tangling me up, I tried to loosen the collar, he wriggled out and began running off!!!! Now I am searching for him (Today is day 3) I don't think this dog was PURE BRED. She sent me a different dog than in the PICTURE. She was unresponsive when I tried to write her, only stating that I haven't had a dog in a while. But My friends all have DOGS!!! I am around them all the time!!!! I NEVER SEEN A dog do this!!! I seriously think this dog has NEVER experienced much Human Contact Before, Probably spent his life in a CAGE!!! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Experience!

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I currently have three of Dreamscape kennels, Dobermans ranging from birth to age 10 . sounds like you are an inexperienced dog owner.

puppies are puppies ! please refrain from badmouthing a breeder if you have no experience with this breed....

its not a yorkie or beagle.... maybe you need a poodle.

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